Jun. 22nd, 2009

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You may recall that I posted another photo of this kitty back a couple of weeks ago. She's an extremely friendly kitten -- I'd say not yet a year old -- currently living outside up in a summer-home area of Long Island. Despite a couple of ticks and a burr or two, she's doing fairly well for herself at the moment begging for food house-to-house. That's OK for now, but we're worried that come winter, when people board up their houses and disappear for six months, she'll starve. She's also clearly looking for an inside home, as she takes every opportunity to run into people's houses and has to be forcibly evicted.

So, if you've got some extra room in your house (and heart, awwww), let me know, please? Daisy desperately wants to be taken care of.
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[livejournal.com profile] kylecassidy is running for the LJ advisory board, as my readers already know. Last time I asked you to help get him nominated. Now, please vote to help get him elected.

Here is his platform.

Here is where you vote.

My second choice is webqatch and my third is vichan. jameth and daphaknee seem to be trolls and/or lulzers, and I'm not down with that. Obviously, you may disagree. If you do, you're a dick.
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Heavy metal is not a genre known for its sense of humor, but every now and then one slips past the DEATH TO FALSE METAL! corpsepaint crowd. Here are power metal stalwarts Edguy in a departure from their usual fantasy-themed fare with an obvious homage to songs like Love in an Elevator and Hot for Teacher (keep an eye out for Tobias' Van Halen jumping kicks).

I dedicate this one to [livejournal.com profile] blanchemains. ;)

ETA: I so want that zebra jacket.


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